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Clear & Simple Engagement

Need an advocate in the insurance industry who can help you improve employee engagement and retention?

Our approach is clear and simple.

From digital open enrollment to online self-service to benefits education videos, our Clear&Simple program puts benefits in plain language. We present information in easy-to-understand formats with decision tools and side-by-side comparisons. When employees understand their options and feel like their organization cares, they feel appreciated. And when employees feel valued, retention rates are higher. That’s a win-win. Less turnover not only improves your organization’s culture, it also translates to lower staffing costs, saving you money.

Good communication yields loyalty.

Your employees are the heart of your organization. Retaining them is a high priority. By providing benefits your employees want, you earn their commitment — and loyalty. We underscore your efforts to help employees recognize and value your investment in them.

We advocate for you.

We’re always in your and your employees' corner — throughout the year — ready and prepared to advocate. Whether it’s a missing insurance card, a denied claim, or anything else, we're here to handle the matter for you using the relationships and leverage we’ve built through years of experience.

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